Meet Suzanne

My Background

Relating to and communicating with others is at the heart of my work. In college I studied Social Justice (along with Spanish and Religion) to better understand the diversity and complexity of life experiences people have. Later I got an M.A. in Communication and Leadership and taught college courses, and I recently finished my Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. My areas of focus include personal relationships and dialogue.

Over the past 10 years, I have worked with countless individuals and groups seeking to better themselves by learning communication skills such as rapport-building, relationship development, self-confidence when speaking to others, conflict management, and conflict resolution. I hold certificates in basic, advanced, and online conflict mediation. Both English-speakers and Spanish-speakers have been my clients and students.

My Philosophy

Communication and relationships are both a challenge and an art. They are what generate our sense of belonging and joy. They also can cause us grief and pain.

There is no perfect "right" way to communicate in every situation, but I believe a working knowledge of certain communication skills can get you out of stuck places and back into the flow of life's adventures having the kinds of relationships you want.

The best part is anyone can learn these skills. Learn more here or schedule your free curiosity call.

Curriculum Vitae (i.e., Resume): here you go